Apply to Rent a House

Apply to Rent a House

If you are looking for a rental or have seen one on our website that you are interested in you should first register online (or at the office). Give as much detail as possible – details of past tenancies with landlord details, employment background including your partner’s employment, and your requirements of the rental property. Once this has been received you should get an acknowledgement within a few days. You may be asked to come into the office for an interview or simply to talk through the options we may be able to offer you. Office hours are 8.30 – 12.30.

Check any prospective rentals from the road – do NOT go onto the property! Then register your interest with us. Do realise that whether your application is successful or not depends on your references as well as a whole range of other factors including age, employment background etc. The more detail you can give to back up your application the more chance you have of being successful, just like a job interview.

Privacy Act 1993 Statement

The tenant registration form collects personal information about you. Please read and understand before continuing. Please note that you are not required to supply any of the information requested unless you want to.

Complete the form online

This information is required to:

Assess your eligibility as a tenant; and

    • Collect information, which would be provided to a tenant default database and/or credit bureau if you enter a tenancy agreement with us and fail to comply with the terms and conditions of that agreement. (A tenant default database records the names of the persons who have been found in breach of their tenancy agreement and/or the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 by the Tenancy Tribunal);
    • The information in this tenancy registration form will be retained in our office;
    • The information will also be made available to credit bureaus and/or tenant default databases and will be accessible to other people that may enquire of this credit bureau and/or tenant default database.
    • You have a right to see the information held about you by any credit bureau or tenancy default database and to correct that information in accordance with the Privacy Act.


  • I consent to you making an on-line TINZ check including a credit check.
  • I consent to you providing the information contained in this form and details of any proven breach of my tenancy agreement or of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 to any credit bureau or tenant default database.
  • I acknowledge that the information may then be made publicly available through credit bureau or tenant default databases.
  • I agree that you may use any of the information contained in this application form to enforce any judgment in respect any tenancy agreement entered into with Home Rental Services or in respect of any order against me by the Tenancy Tribunal.
  • I agree that an identification photo and an assessment regarding my fulfillment of basic tenant responsibilities may be added to an internet based tenant reference website. This assessment will be about how I/we perform in regard to;
    1. The regular payment of rent
    2. Keeping the dwelling and grounds tidy
    3. Consideration towards neighbours
    4. Leaving the dwelling and grounds in clean and tidy condition on termination of the tenancy.
  • I agree that if I am declined a tenancy for reasons of a bad credit history or Tenancy Tribunal orders against me, I am aware that this information may be placed on a tenancy database.

Additional Privacy Policy for this web site of Home Rental Services, and disclaimer can be found here: Privacy | Disclaimer. We can be reached via e-mail at Home Rental Services respects the privacy of users who visit our site.